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"Throb" is the sixth single from Janet Jackson's 1993 album, Janet. Released on June 18, 1994, the track is the second B-side to the "Any Time, Any Place" single. In the United States, the song's airplay was restricted.



Jackson performing "Throb" live on the Janet. Tour in 1994.

Throughout "Throb", which combines elements of House, acid house and dance music, Jackson describes the constant "pounding" from a sexual partner while moaning sexually, which emphasizes she is having an orgasm throughout the song; This is also simulated in her performances of "Throb", where Jackson puts her hands towards her genitals, alluding to stimulating herself while moaning. It was also performed on Jackson's Janet. Tour and The Velvet Rope Tour. The song was also used as an interlude on the Number Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour. An exclusive remix of "Throb", the Morales Badyard Mix, appears on Jackson's remix compilation album janet. Remixed. Peter Rauhofer remixed "Throb" in 2013 and released the remix on Valentine's Day.

Chart performanceEdit

"Throb" was released as a commercial single in the Netherlands but failed to chart there. In the United Kingdom it was released only as a 12" promo single.

In the United States, the song was not released commercially. However, it was sent to mainstream radios and charted on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay, peaking at number sixty-six. The song's B-side, "And On and On", went on to chart as well at number thirty-eight, fueled by rotation on R&B radio stations. "And On and On" also peaked at number twelve on the R&B charts. However, according to Billboard's regulations, both songs were ineligible to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, due to their lack of a physical release in the U.S.

The remixes of "Throb", commissioned by David Morales, contributed to the song's club success. In the United States, "Throb" enjoyed success on the Billboard Hot Dance/Club Play chart. In 1994, "Throb" entered that chart's top ten, eventually reaching number two.

Additionally, "Throb" topped Billboard Hot Dance Single Sales as a B-side to "Any Time, Any Place". "And On and On" also reached the top of Billboard Hot R&B Singles as a B-side to "Any Time, Any Place".

Track listingsEdit

Dutch CD single (VSCDE1501)
  1. "Any Time, Any Place" (R. Kelly Mix) – 5:11
  2. "Throb" – 4:34
Dutch CD maxi single (7243 8 92495 2 1)
  1. "Throb" – 4:34
  2. "Throb" (David Morales Legendary Dub Mix) – 7:27
  3. "And on and On" – 4:49
  4. "Any Time, Any Place" (R. Kelly Mix) – 5:11
UK 12" promo single (VSTDJ 1501)
A1. "Throb" (David Morales Legendary Club Mix) – 9:05
B1. "Throb" (David Morales Legendary Dub Mix) – 7:27
B2. "Throb" – 4:34

Official remixesEdit

  • Album version – 4:35
  • Morales Badyard Club (appears on Janet. Remixed) – 8:59
  • David Morales Legendary Dub Mix – 7:27
  • David Morales Legendary Club Mix – 9:05
  • Peter Rauhofer 2013 Remix – 9:18


Chart (1993) Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Airplay
U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play 2
"And on and On"
Chart (1994) Peak
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Airplay 38
U.S. Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay 12
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